Day: January 18, 2019

Methods To Fight Traffic Tickets

Most of us have gotten at least one speeding ticket or moving violation of some kind in our lives, and if you are like me you hate the thought of having to fork over $200, $250, or even $300 or more for one little violation. Especially if you believe you weren’t guilty of doing it! Here are some great tips you may not have heard of to skate from a speeding ticket, legally. One of the biggest fines you might get for speeding is if you are in a designated work zone, where construction workers are doing some kind of road work. If you haven’t noticed, speeding fines in these areas are normally double the normal fine! However, if a police office gives you a speeding violation for being in this work zone while no workers are present, the ticket is invalid. This is true in most states and if you go to court with documentation showing that on that day there were no workers present, your case will be dropped. Of course most officers just hope that you don’t know this law, and pay the fine willingly! There are many other “tricks” to beating traffic laws as well, but here is some really straight-up advice for not getting a ticket in the first place, which is even better sometimes. If you do get pulled over, make sure you follow these guidelines:

  1. Turn your car off, and turn off your stereo if it is on. This indicates you take the stop seriously. Place your hands on the steering wheel, and don’t get out of the car. Some officers take this as a sign of confrontation, and will go into “defense” mode immediately. Be polite! Nothing disarms an officer faster than someone that is showing respect for them. If you did something wrong, admit it if it’s only a minor violation. If it’s something major, of course, you’re on your own because he will still bust you for it. If you are being stopped for a speeding violation, as politely to see the radar gun to check what your speed was. Most officers will agree if you are being cooperative. Document everything! Make sure you know exactly what time you were pulled over, whether it was light or dark outside, how much traffic there is, and every detail you can think of. If you need to fight the ticket in court this information may prove invaluable to you. The fact is that many speeding violations and other moving violations can be gotten out of without going to court, however as I say if you play your cards right most times you will not get a ticket if you show sincerity and be polite. read this article

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