Day: May 22, 2019

Tree Cutters in Atlanta-Secrets Revealed

As you probably know already, tree cutting is extremely important to the safety of neighborhoods and homes because when homeowners suspect they have a tree that has become a danger to their home in some way, they call upon tree cutting services to come in and safely cut the trees that are so dangerous to them out of their yards, thus protecting their homes. This invaluable service has saved countless lives and saved homeowners from millions of dollars if not billions of dollars, in total damage and costs that would otherwise be passed on to taxpayers and bill payers. But this service benefits homeowners directly by providing them with the peace of mind that their homes and their lives are safe and by providing cost saving benefits to these homeowners. How can this service provide value to larger communities and towns and local governments however? You may find more details about this at Tree Cutters in Atlanta

Effective tree cutting services can save local governments millions of dollars

Communities and towns are responsible for providing and supporting electrical power lines and making communities a place where power companies want to work. When storms and other weather events happen, trees are knocked over. This is problematic because the trees can, and often do, take down power lines with them and often knocking out power to the local communities as well. When this happens however, tree cutting services are often hired to sort out the mess and help quickly restore power to local residents by untangling the fallen trees from the wires so that electricians can get in to repair the power lines. But even before these unfortunate accidents can occur, many communities hire tree cutting services to identify problem spots where trees are likely to bring down power lines. The tree cutting services then move in and begin to cut the trees down in a safe and efficient manner that is designed to prevent trees from bringing down power lines which could cut citizens off from power for days at a time. This preemptive service can save communities a ton of money annually by ensuring that these kinds of accidents don’t occur in the first place. It also saves lives by keeping electricians from having to perform dangerous repair work and by helping to prevent dangerous electrical surges and even fires all across our local communities.

Tree cutting is invaluable to our communities

Efficiently and properly performed tree cutting services are invaluable to our local communities. They save our towns and locales millions of dollars in otherwise unnecessary repair costs and they save lives when they cut down trees that would otherwise pose threats to buildings and power lines.

Patient Recruitment Agency In Madison, Wisconsin- A Closer Look

Related imagePatient recruitment outsourcing is a great way for clinical research organizations to make use of the newest advances in the field. It takes years for patient recruitment companies to initiate, study, and refine a new recruitment approach, but sites and CROs get to enjoy its benefits right away by allowing an agency to handle its marketing activities. Google AdWords is a good example of this process. While the AdWords system is very complex, a closer look at one aspect of the service will illustrate just how useful it can be in multiple areas within clinical trial recruitment.Do you want to learn more? Visit Patient Recruitment Agency in Madison, Wisconsin


-Pre-Qualifying Surveys

An AdWords campaign reaches out to potential study volunteers by matching marketing messages with the keyword phrases that Google users search for. When a curious searcher clicks on the message, he is directed to a pre-qualifying survey that collects information related to the clinical trial. In addition to basic contact information (name, phone number, email address, ZIP code), the survey asks specific questions about the study’s indication. If the respondent’s answers suggest that he is likely to qualify for the trial, the survey information goes to the site or CRO directly (not to the patient recruitment outsourcing agency) for a follow-up phone call or email.

-Non-Qualified Respondents

The pre-qualifying survey “works overtime” during an AdWords recruitment campaign. When a respondent submits a survey indicating that he does not qualify for the clinical trial, the survey still gets passed on to the CRO or site, which can record the personal and medical information in a database for future use in other trial marketing campaigns. This information has very high value for recruitment purposes, not only because it includes self-reported medical data, but also because its submission by the potential volunteer indicates positivity toward clinical trial participation.

-Using Survey Data Effectively

If a site or CRO has an efficient system in place for incorporating non-qualified respondents’ survey data into its contact list, it enjoys an incredible “side benefit” to its AdWord recruitment campaigns, apart from the campaign’s industry-leading response rate and low operating cost. If an organization is not set up or sufficiently staffed to handle this data efficiently, patient recruitment companies can help with database management. Activities may include:

-Staying in touch with survey respondents on a regular basis through e-newsletters, seasonal messages, or periodic email blasts

-Contacting respondents directly by phone or email when their answers show that they may qualify for a future trial

-Asking respondents to recommend the research organization to family members and friends who may qualify for trials

Individuals within the geographical radius who have already expressed interest in trial participation are the most valuable contacts for any research organization. The pre-qualifying surveys associated with AdWords campaigns are incredibly efficient tools for finding and establishing contact with those individuals.