Day: June 12, 2019

Know About Flights From San Jose To Nosara


You can definitely enjoy a great traveling experience as you visit Costa Rica to o on a tour. This country has a lot to offer when it comes to wonderful places to explore. They do have great tour companies to make your vacation worth it.

ATV Tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has beautiful scenery, sights and spots that can be viewed and toured via the ATV (all terrain vehicle). This is the best way I know to get to know the real Costa Rica. There are numerous ATV tours available that can take you to a heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping adventure! You may want to check out click here for more.

Your ATV adventure will start with a short safety, security talk that will be given by your bilingual guide. Then you will get the chance to have a practice session before the real tour starts. You will be able to see flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

The adventure starts when the guide leads you through a roller coaster between paths across rain forests, jungles, beaches, or volcanoes. Or you will find yourself navigating down narrow, unpaved trails past rocky paths, wild flora and fauna. Along the way, you can stop for a swim, to have some drinks and lunch, most of which are already included in the tour.

For the tour you will be provided with all the necessary equipment. But still it would be a good idea to wear comfortable clothing I also suggest to bringing your bathing suit and a towel can be useful, since some tours would include a dip in a pool, stream or beach. Also, don’t forget to bring sneakers (for hiking/trekking).

Here is a list of tour companies that offer good ATV tours:

  • Zip through the lush countryside in the outskirts of Santa Elena together with the Monteverde ATV Tours.
  • ATV Tours Costa Rica offers half-day and full-day tours in Cerros de Cedral, approximately 45 minutes from San Jose.

Ultra Light Flying Over Costa Rica

A country as beautiful as Costa Rica can be seen and explored in so many ways. For instance you can explore by land via cars, buses, bikes and ATVs; by water you can explore it via sailing, boat trips and jet skis. Or you can even do it the extreme way and see the beautiful Tico scenery from the air. In an ultra light plane! This definitely gives a new meaning to the term “bird’s eye view”!

Tour Companies I recommend:

  • Skyline de Costa Rica – It is a great tour company that gives ultra light tours around the area of the Ballena National Marine Park.
  • The Flying Crocodile – Another great tour company that takes you around the Nicoya Peninsula, Samara and Nosara.

Normally you will be able to choose from special area tours (where you follow a specific flight path, usually over mangroves or marine parks), or you can have chartered tours. You even get the chance to learn how to fly! The tour operators offer ultra light flying lessons.

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