Day: July 12, 2019

Tiffany Fina Law Firm – Guidelines

It was that long ago when lawyers felt that public relations was something that merchants did and it was beneath their dignity. They have since come around to embrace public relations as an aid in number of areas including new business development. You may want to check out Tiffany Fina Law Firm for more.

It is expected that the profession may not take as long to embrace law firm social media given its explosive growth. Not long ago, LinkedIn revealed that the social media site now has more than 100,000,000 users. Think about the potential customer base that represents…

Let’s look at LinkedIn’s top users by industry grouping… The first group is Hi Tech, which should come as no surprise, followed by finance, manufacturing, medical and educational. Where does the legal profession stand? Next to last place ahead of the agricultural industry, which indicates that attorneys have much to learn about law firm social media.

So if you or your law firm target any of these industries, you can bet that your clients, and some pretty excellent prospects, are probably on LinkedIn ready to be linked to you.

Law firms are not always on the cutting edge of new technology (look how long it took them to learn about the value of public relations). But at 100,000,000 users, LinkedIn has been well-vetted and is now completely mainstream. It might be time to engage in the discussion (not to mention the prospecting) going on via social media.

Joining LinkedIn is just the start on your voyage of utilizing Law Firm Social Media. Fill out your page completely, including job history, specialties and education. Get recommendations and add PowerPoint presentations and PDFs by using the utilities provided by the service. If you have a blog – and you should – add a blog roll to your page. And this is just scratching the surface. The expanded functionality really makes LinkedIn a very valuable resource, so take advantage of all it offers. Oh, and don’t forget to create and complete a page for your law firm as well.

There are other valuable social media that lawyers should explore as well. Most notably YouTube. If you or members of your firm are giving speeches or participating in round table discussions, consider having the events videoed and put up on a YouTube channel which will certainly help advance your use of Law Firm Social Media.

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