An Overview Of Drone Tracking

One of the holy grails of military research has to do with the ability to cloak sound. Imagine how important it is to have a silent running aircraft, helicopter, vehicle, submarine, or ship. After all, if the enemy can hear you a mile away approaching in a helicopter, they have more than an ample amount of time to get a shoulder launched surface-to-air missile ready to fire at you. However, if you can sneak up without making any sound, it’s too late, you win, they lose, or you fly over without being shot at – the enemy’s opportunity is gone.

Stealthy submarines need to remain undetected if the submarine is to survive in battle, or be any good. There was an interesting article in the BBC Science section recently on June 24, 2011 titled; “Acoustic ‘Cloaking Device’ Shields Objects from Sound” by Jason Palmer (science and technology reporter). The article stated that; Read more about the explains why drone tracking is a safety measure.

“The device makes objects invisible to sound waves. Acoustic cloaking was theoretically in 2008 but no exists. Barrowing many ideas from attempts to “cloak” objects from light and using simple plastic sheets with arrays of holes. Could make ships and subs invisible to sonar or used in acoustic design of concert halls – it is mostly based on metamaterials which are designed to force light waves to travel around an object; to an observer, it is as if the object were not there.”

Is it possible that we are finally reaching an age where we can not only cloak ourselves from radars using stealth technology, but also acoustically cloak our military assets, and the sound they produce? Re-diverting sound within a cavity inside of an aircraft means that you can operate jet engines without noise. Not only will radar not be able to see them, but you won’t hear them coming or going either. Likewise, such a system could protect people from the ultrasound noise which is made from wind turbines.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep if you lived next to a freeway if you had some way to prevent the sound from getting in? Something like this could change everything. Those living near airports wouldn’t have to worry anymore, and schools near airports wouldn’t have to stop every time an airplane flies over.

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