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What is Hoverboard?

Technically, a hoverboard is a levitating platform that is used for personal transportation. Some of the people also call it a self-balancing scooter, this two-wheeler scooter is high in trend. Although self-balancing scooters don’t actually hover, people have adopted the term “hoverboard” as a more casual way to refer to the vehicles-mainly because it sounds very cool. is an excellent resource for this.

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Construction and design:

There are two parts that play a major role in the design of Hoverboard- the board and the wheel. The board is formed of two pieces with a wheel on each side, connected by a hinge in the center that allows them to rotate independently of each other. Keeping this in mind, the user has to use only his/her steps on the pressure sensitive pads in order to move around. Like, if you want to go forward lean to forward side and back to go backward. In the same way, if you want to change your direction, all you need to do push your one foot further forward than the other. Pushing the left side will cause the left wheel to go faster and turn the board to the right, and vice versa.

Like with other different modes of transportation, the size of the wheel is an important thing to consider. In general, these self-balancing scooters have small wheels, around 6.5-7 inches in size that make it smaller and more efficient.

Built-in extra features:

Some of the hoverboards offer additional features to make their brands more popular among users. You can have these scooters with built-in GPS, a car-key like remote to turn it on and off and even with built-in Bluetooth speakers.

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Where can I buy one of them?

There are enough endless choices that you may have to get them. If you’re going to inquire every seller you are in for a long evening. The biggest factor to consider when shopping is price because most hoverboards have similar specs. All the sellers try to justify their prices in different ways from claiming to have the fastest speed to the long efficient battery. There are sometimes, the aesthetics of the wheels, although all the boards are the same.

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