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Makeup and Skin Care

‘Make up and skin care’ is generally regarded as women’s forte. Men seldom indulge in ‘Make up and skin care’. Many men do care for their skin but make up is really alien to most men. Treating make up and skin care as different topics wouldn’t make sense; after all, make up will work only if the skin is healthy. So how do you exercise make up and skin care, together? Here are some tips for make up and skin care:

1. Always have skin care on mind, whether you are buying products for make up or actually applying them onto your skin after you have bought them. So what you are buying is a ‘make up and skin care’ product, not just a make up product. Check the ingredients to see if it contains things that you might be allergic to. Also check if it contains high concentration chemicals that can harm your skin. makeup and skin care tips and recommendations

2. ‘Make up and skin care’ is also about testing the products before using them. So, apply the make up on a small patch of skin e.g. earlobes and check how your skin reacts to it.

3. Keep track of expiry date on your make up products and never use them beyond the expiry date. In fact some products (e.g. vitamin C based products), if not stored properly, get spoilt much earlier than the expiry date.

4. Cleanliness is an important part of make up and skin care procedure. Sharpen your eye-liners regularly and keep all your makeup equipment clean at all times. You might fix a date, each month, for overhauling of your equipment. As part of cleanliness, your make up and skin care procedure should also include keeping your hair clean at all times.

5. Nail care is another important aspect of make up and skin care. Use a good quality nail polish and always keep your nails clean. Once you are done with cleaning and polishing your nails, you should rub in cuticle oil at the edges of the nail.

6. If you have deep-set eyes, you should use a liquid eye liner instead of a pencil one. This will prevent smudging at the deep edges of your eye-lid.

7. If you have a skin disorder e.g. acne, you should not apply heavy or chemical based make up. Consult your dermatologist if you are not sure about the make up products that you can use while you have acne or other skin disorder. Never try to squeeze pimples/ acne. Remember that make up and skin care should not conflict each other.

8. Use a mild make up remover (instead of just washing it away).

9. Another important ‘make up and skin care’ procedure is the following golden rule: “Never sleep with your make up on”

10. While applying a deodorant, make sure that you maintain the recommended distance between the nozzle and your skin (as mentioned on the deodorant pack).

So, make up and skin care should always go hand in hand. Do not try to treat make up and skin care differently.

How To Strengthen Your Nails-An Analysis

Getting stronger nails is very essential. It can get really frustrating if your nails break on you and you have to do your manicure once again. There may be a variety of factors that can make your nails brittle. In order to keep your nails healthy and strong, here are some ways to help you take care of them very well,click site.

How To Get Stronger Nails

  1. Massage Your Nails

Who says that massages are only for the other parts of your body? You can also give your nails that much needed TLC. It stimulates blood flow into the nails which will help give your nails its nutrients. Try to give your nails a good massage once in a while. You can also tap your nails lightly on a surface in order to stimulate blood flow.

  1. Hydrate Yourself

Another cause of having brittle nails is lack of hydration. Try drinking at least eight glasses of water a day so that you will get ample hydration. Water will also flush out toxins from your body. Plus, it has zero calories. So if you are on a diet, drinking water is a great way to go.

  1. Moisturize Your Hands

Applying a moisturizer on your hands will help provide hydration to your nails. Some people may use hand cream, and some people may use a special nail cream. No matter what moisturizing product you may choose, always take time to massage your nails so that it will absorb the moisture quickly. Another organic way to moisturize your nails is to soak them in olive oil or sunflower oil. They will instantly bring them back to life.

  1. Get Your Daily Dose OF Vitamins And Minerals

Calcium and Vitamin D not only helps keep your bones strong, it also makes your nails stronger. Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium in your body. You may get Vitamin D by exposing yourself to sunlight (preferably in the early morning because the glare of the sun is not that intense) for at least 15 minutes. Just remember to pack on your sunscreen if you choose to do so. Consuming milk, yogurt and other dairy products can give you your daily dose of calcium. Multivitamins can also provide you with essential nutrients.

  1. Nail Strengtheners

Nail strengtheners will help your nails become stronger and it prevents them from getting brittle. They contain substances that will help prevent your nails from getting brittle. As long as you are able to take care of your nails very well, you will never have a problem with them breaking or getting brittle. You can definitely get stronger nails. Consider these tips and try to incorporate them in your daily routine.

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